Our selection includes over 40 blends of fine pipe tobaccos sold in one ounce increments. Below you can review the type and blend components to determine the best fit for your taste. Each blend is carefully selected by our experts based on characteristics that match our customers tastes.

The basic components of our tobaccos include the following tobaccos:

Virginia – Virginia tobaccos are light in body, high in sugar, and come in all different flavors and styles. Red Virginia’s tends to be more earthy and tangy, while Golden Virginia’s tend to be  bright and sweet. The longer the leaf is cured, the darker it is and the less sugar it has. Because of their naturally high sugar content, they tend to burn hot, but are a delicious tobacco used as a base in all kinds of blends and are also a tobacco many enjoy smoking straight. Virginia’s are processed in numerous ways including flue cured and stoved and are one of the most complicated tobaccos out there, but also one of the tastiest. Virginia’s also tend to be amongst the best aging tobaccos.

Burley – Burley is a light, air cured tobacco. It is commonly known for its characteristics of being low in sugar, high in nicotine, slow burning and having a subtle flavor. It also acts like a chameleon, being used in blends to absorb heat and flavors and round out other tobaccos, giving blends a fuller taste and body. There are several different types of Burley including white and dark, and is mostly recognized for its nutty, earthy flavors.

Cavendish – Not so much an actual tobacco as a processing method, many people confuse Cavendish with a genus of tobacco. Usually a Virginia or Burley tobacco is pressed, heat is applied by either steam or fire, and the tobacco ferments. This results in a sweet and mild tobacco. There are several different colors of Cavendish, depending on the amount of fermenting and heat applied to the tobacco. Cavendish is the perfect blending tobacco as it can absorb flavors and sugars from other tobaccos and round out a blend.

Latakia – Named after the port city Latakia in Syria, this tobacco is now mainly sourced in Cyprus due to recent world events. Latakia is cured, usually over an oak wood fire, which gives it its distinguished smoky smell and taste. While many people like blends with Latakia, it can be quite pungent and is not smoked straight but rather used as a condiment for blending English, Balkan, and American style blends. Some blends have higher percentages of Latakia for those who really enjoy that distinct BBQ, smoky flavor.

Perique – St. James Parish, Louisiana is the home of arguably the most unique American grown tobacco. Because of the process it goes through of being pressed and fermented, its distinctive and sharp pepper and vinegary taste does not generally lend itself to being smoked straight. Used as a condiment, Perique brings a nice balance to Virginia tobaccos and in English blends. 

Oriental/Turkish – While Orientals can technically be the description for any tobacco from the Middle East (including Latakia), it is mostly used to describe Turkish tobaccos that are added into English and Balkan blends. Known for the tangy, sweet and some times peppery, sour and even smoky flavors, some types of Oriental’s most commonly seen in blends include Izmir and Samsun (Turkish) and Yenidje and Drama (Greek). While most blends will just simply say “Oriental” or “Oriental/Turkish”, the tastes do vary and add their own unique twists to each blend.

Presented here are our current bulk blends in stock:

Ace of Spades
A delicious blend of Black Cavendish and Cavendish that is easy on the tongue and a mellow smoke. Ace of Spades is a fan favorite here at Arlington Pipe and Cigar Lounge. Topped with Liquor, Chocolate, Vanilla and Whiskey, it’s a fantastic smoke for both experienced and new pipe smokers.
All Day Long
The name says it all! Enjoy this all day smoke as a calm and tasty treat. All Day Long is a mild aromatic with a light vanilla and sugar topping. It’s simple, cool burning and a classic aromatic.
For the lovers of Burley based, sweet aromatics, Amaretto will be right up your alley. In this blend, you’ll enjoy the nuttiness from the Burley’s and the added Amaretto topping, with the extra benefit of sweetness that gives it a similar taste to Amaretto liquors.

Autumn Evening
Sit back, relax and bundle up. Autumn Evening is one of those blends that is perfect for a chilly November evening. A course cut blend of Cavendish and Red Virginia tobacco, the toppings from the tin note speak of a delicious dessert. Maple, whiskey, rum, and sugar added for a sweet and tasty late night treat.
Balkan Supreme
Full bodied and smoky, this Balkan blend is one for the ages! With a touch of Black Cavendish and Virginia to sweeten up the blend without being overpowering, the Latakia and Orientals are the true stars. Smoky and tangy but balanced- Balkan Supreme hits it all for true Balkan lovers!
Black Cordial
Love cherry tobacco’s but want something a little different? Grab some of our Black Cordial! A mellow Black Cavendish, Virginia blend with black cherry and liquor topping, Black Cordial is perfect for all aromatic smokers.
Black Raspberry
Our Black Raspberry is a fantastic aromatic for those who like something really sweet! Black Cavendish, Burley, and Virginias are heavily topped with a sweet and delicious raspberry flavoring. Cool burning and never biting, this is a great blend for new pipe smokers too!
Bourbon Buzz
For the lovers of Burley tobacco and aromatics, Bourbon Buzz will be right up your alley. The Burley’s are topped with a light bourbon flavor to add a slight vanilla and oaky flavor to this blend, a nice treat to enjoy with a nightcap.
Our aromatic Bullseye is a fantastically blended aromatic that is perfect for all kinds of smokers. Bullseye has a room-note that will make people turn their heads! Golden Virginias, toasted Cavendish, Black Cavendish and Burley’s are cased with cream, honey, nougat, molasses and sugars. Even with all the flavoring, it remains a cool, mild smoke for all.
Burley Delite
A straight Burley tobacco with a topping of coco and vanilla, this is one of those blends that can be smoked all day. It’s a simple blend with an appealing taste and a sweet room note. Truly a Delite.
Charlotte’s Web
Our Charlotte’s Web is a straight Black Cavendish used for blending or a simple smoke. Traditionally, Virginia tobacco is steamed with sugar added to create this style of tobacco. It is cool burning, absorbs heat and sugars and is great for adding to any blend you find too hot or missing that little extra something.
Creme B
For all of our heavy aromatic smokers, this blend is your friend! Creme B is a wet and gooey tobacco for all of our dessert needs. Black Cavendish, Virginias and Burley’s have been steeped in the delicious flavors of honey, vanilla and caramel. While this tobacco is a true reflection of the sweetness of creme brulee, we recommend you leave it out to dry for a bit before loading up your pipe!
Desiree’s Delight
Strawberry Fields Forever in the form of tobacco! A truly unique aromatic, Desiree’s Delight is a Virginia, Black Cavendish and Burley blend that has been topped with a vanilla and strawberry flavoring. It’s mellow, sweet and reminiscent of eating strawberries on a hot summer day.
Double English
If you are looking for a nice, balanced latakia blend with body, look no further than Double English. A more traditional English style tobacco with dark Latakia, grassy Virginias and tangy Orientals, Double English is an all day kind of English for those who crave something steady and consistent in their Balkan blends.
Engine 99
Love something a little heavier? Engine #99 is your one stop shop for flavor and body. Not only is Engine #99 loaded with heavy Latakia, peppery Perique, and zesty Orientals but the Burley added gives it a nice body and mouthfeel along with the earthy Virginias. Warning! Not for the faint of heart!
English Luxury
A true classic English tobacco, English Luxury is a harmonious blend with fair amounts of Black Cavendish, Burley, Latakia and Virginia. Each component represents itself equally with none overpowering the others. Consistent from first-light to final puff, this is an all day English for anyone.
English Oriental Supreme
A lovely mild to medium bodied and flavored English, this is truly a shop favorite. The Virginia’s come out with a touch of sweetness that meets the mild but tangy Orientals perfectly. The Latakia is mellow, the Burley’s are nutty and the Black Cavendish ties it all together.
Heavy English
Don’t let the name fool you! This English blend has both smoothness and gumption! A hearty English with Latakia, Smyrna Orientals and lemon Virginias, Heavy English is a robust and creamy blend that leaves nothing to be desired while being enjoyed.
Henry’s American
Craving something different than your average English? Henry’s American is the way to go. While Latakia does participate in the make up of this American Style Blend it is definitely only as a condiment. The Virginias and White Burley tend to show themselves as the center of attention. Black Cavendish is used to bring it all together in a subtle way. Grassy, earthy and a touch of sweetness come through to make this a naturally sweeter version of a traditional American.
Hobbit’s Weed
A long time classic with our own twist! Hobbit’s Weed is an old blend long gone from an old tobacconist. Pipe smokers from years ago will tell you how much they loved the cherry, vanilla taste of Hobbit’s Weed. Here is our take on that classic blend. Virginias, Burley’s, Cavendish, cherry, vanilla, and a touch of liquor and chocolate, this is a blend that makes the Halfling’s in the Shire celebrate.
Hunter’s Blend
Arlington Pipe and Cigar Lounge’s No. 1 pipe tobacco is Hunter’s Blend and for good reason! Because of it’s easy to pack, cool burning and mellow characteristics, this is a blend that appeals to new pipe smokers and those who have been smoking for years! A simple Virginia and Cavendish blend with a vanilla topping and that’s it! Sometimes, less is more.
Jojo’s Mojo
For our Whiskey lovers we have JoJo’s Mojo! Flue cured Virginias and sweet Black Cavendish and toasted White Burley’s are generously topped with aged whiskey for a flavor profile that coats the mouth in a pleasant way. Cheers.
A Jubilee is a celebration and this tobacco is something to celebrate! Mellow Burley, tangy Virginia, and steamed Cavendish are blended with a “maraschino” cherry style topping is a classic aromatic that’ll remind you of Grandad’s tobacco.
Luxury Bullseye Flake
The Peter Stokkebye Luxury tobaccos are some of the most beloved Virginia and Virginia/Perique blend out there. Bullseye Flake comes as a pressed coin slice and contains sweet Virginias, Louisiana Perique and Black Cavendish.
Luxury Navy Flake
The Peter Stokkebye Luxury tobaccos are some of the most beloved Virginia and Virginia/Perique blend out there. Navy Flake comes to you after being pressed, sliced and matured and contains flue cured Virginias and spicy Louisiana Perique.
Luxury Twist Flake
The Peter Stokkebye Luxury tobaccos are some of the most beloved Virginia and Virginia/Perique blend out there. Twist Flake is a rolled twist flake, Cavendish pressed then cut for an easy to break about flake. Delicious grassy and sweet Virginias are the only component in the Twist.
Maple Dew
Maple Dew is a mellow tobacco perfect for aromatic lovers. Mellow Burley’s have been treated with maple flavoring, then pressed to really get that flavor seeped into the leaves. Enjoy a bowl at any time of day, especially after a breakfast of pancakes!
Norse Sea
For those who love vanilla and cream flavoring, Norse Sea will speak to you. It’s a Black Cavendish, Burley, and Virginia blend that has a nougat, vanilla and sugar topping. While not too moist of a tobacco, Norse Sea does have a warm vanilla note that is found in both taste and room note.
A unique blend of sweetly processed Black Cavendish, mild Burley and flue cured Virginias with citrus and vanilla toppings. Optimum is a mild bodied aromatic with fanciful flavors that no other blend is quite like.
Peaches & Cream
Peaches & Cream is the perfect blend for a summer day smoke. The Burley’s, Cavendish and Virginias in this blend have been given a cream and peach topping for a tasty treat. If you like aromatics with a fruity twist, Peaches & Cream will be a good tobacco for you.
Red Virginia 515-RC1
515 RC-1 is a unique straight Red Virginia. Traditionally zesty and earthy, these red Virginia’s have a depth of flavor that is rare to find in a single tobacco “blend”. Toasty, tangy and sweet, Red Virginia has a one of a kind flavor profile and a cool burn rate.
Rum Cake
Our Rum Cake is another APC favorite! The tin note screams of delicious cake batter and sweet dark rum that have been added to Burley, Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos. Another wet tobacco, we recommend letting this tobacco dry out for a while before smoking. If you like sweet and gooey pipe tobacco, be sure to try this blend. You’ll be reminded of Grandma’s own recipe!
Ryan’s Toast
A toast to APC Manager Ryan, this is one of our more unique aromatic blends. Ryan’s Toast is a mellow aromatic with Burley, Virginia, and two types of sweetened Cavendish topped with a liquor and slight berry flavor. If you’re reminded of a nice little flute of bubbly, we wouldn’t be surprised.
Two Smokes
A playful take on Bing Crosby’s song “Two Cigarettes in the Dark”, Two Smokes is hand blended right here at APC with the hopes of making the old Crooner smile down on us. A heavy Burley blend with a touch of sweetness and a murmur of Latakia, this is a blend with a full mouth feel and a good amount of nicotine from both the White and Dark Burley. A hint of Red Virginia’s are added to round it out and there you have it. Gone is the flame and the spark, leaving just regrets and two cigarettes in the dark.